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Stefanie Bock Portugal

International Recruiter

Our passionate recruiter Stefanie Bock is originally from Germany but she's been living in Portugal for several years. Furthermore, she gets called by the name Tessa more often than Stefanie, so don't hesitate calling her that as well. She has a big passion for helping others making their dream of starting a journey abroad come true. What she likes the best about her job is that it enables her to support, assist, and reassure individuals in stepping into the world and working abroad. She knows how overwhelming and empowering it feels to move to a new country so she really finds it meaningful to smoothen the process for others. Stefanie has experienced the world for both travel purposes and intentional life changes. She has lived in three countries, including Germany, where she was born and raised. Her first time living abroad was in New Zealand, where she worked and explored for six months. However, it was Portugal that captured her heart. At the age of 38, she decided to turn her dream of living abroad into reality, and she left her job behind and go to beautiful  Portugal. A decision that has truly affected her personal growth - she believes that living abroad reveals parts of yourself that you haven't discovered yet. When not working you can be sure to find Stefanie soaking up the sun at for example the beach in Portugal. Regardless of the season, she finds great pleasure and appreciation by being by the ocean. The rhythmic sound of waves and the salty air create an environment she finds unparalleled. Besides this she is a self-proclaimed nerd with a passion for Dungeons and Dragons, watching Doctor Who (she's a true Whovian) , and a fan of everything touched by Tolkien and Lord of the Rings. Additionally, she actually speaks some Elvish. Her best piece of advice for others seeking to move abroad is: keep an open mind, be patient, and enjoy the differences you will encounter as well as the new perspectives that will affect and enrich your life!