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Renara Franco

International Recruiter

Meet Renara, our recruiter whose roots span from Brazil to Sweden and everywhere the sun shines!  Renara originally has a vibrant Brazilian spirit but she grew up in the charming land of Sweden. Renara has 2 years of experience and a passion for connecting people with their dreams, and she has recently joined Job Squad, ready to infuse her energy into the team. What she likes most about her job is the thrill of helping people embark on their own adventures, getting a fresh start abroad, and carving out exciting paths in their lives. 

Renara is not a fan of chilly climates. Her first leap led her to London, fulfilling a long-standing dream. But life had other plans, and the pandemic nudged her back to Sweden for a short period. Fueled by wanderlust, Renara's journey has been a whirlwind since – from Malaga to Bali, Portugal to Australia, and beyond, she's danced through different cultures, creating valuable relationships along the way.

Renara loves  how moving abroad provides the chance to start a fresh chapter in life, enabling connections with places, people, and most importantly; herself. Some of her favourite hobbies and passions include going to the gym, basking in the sun, dancing, getting some retail therapy, nurturing stray animals, playing padel tennis, and making unforgettable experiences.

Renara is fluent in 5 languages which makes connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds effortless. For those taking the leap into a new country, she stresses her belief in that you never truly grasp the breadth of change until you embrace it. And, of course, a lesson she has learned the hard way – never pay for things upfront, a humorous yet valuable reminder.

Get ready to chase the sun and embrace your new journey with Renara!