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Nikos Mallidis

International Recruiter

Our recruiter Nikos lives in beautiful Thessaloniki in northern Greece with his wife. Nikos has an unwavering commitment to making dreams come true and as a recruiter, his passion lies in guiding people towards brighter futures. It's about creating pathways to success and witnessing people thrive. He loves sharing insights about the cities they're moving to, helping them explore new areas of interest, and easing their transition into a new life.

He enjoys the thrill of discovering new cultures, seeing new territories, and most importantly, meeting new people and hearing their stories. Every conversation is a new adventure, and every friendship adds another layer to his ever-expanding tapestry of experiences.

When Nikos is off work you can be sure to find him doing sports. Football, basketball, and tennis are his games of choice. Furthermore, he  enjoys  exploring the world's hidden treasures and one of his favourite and most calming activities is to be near the sea.

For those about to embark on their own adventures abroad, Nikos has a piece of advice: think positively. Remember that countless others have walked the same path, found success, and never looked back. Embrace the unknown with optimism, and you might just discover a world of possibilities.