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Martin Kildal Denmark

Talent Hunter

Meet Martin, the Job Squad's secret weapon! This guy is a cool recruiter with a heart of gold. Originally from the beautiful coastal town of Esbjerg in Denmark, Martin grew up with his parents and sister. But then he took the plunge and moved to Aarhus in July to study marketing and economics. Talk about ambition!

Since joining Job Squad in August 2021, Martin has been kicking recruitment butt. He's like a matchmaker, but instead of setting up lovebirds, he finds dream jobs for people. And let me tell you, he's all about that warm and fuzzy feeling he gets when he sees how his work can change someone's life. It's like seeing a unicorn fly over a rainbow while eating ice cream—pure happiness!

Now, let's get to the juicy part: Martin's own adventures abroad. His face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning when you ask him about it. He spent a mind-blowing six months in Malaga, Spain. Imagine this: sun, fun, and a whole lot of amazing memories. After finishing his studies, Martin felt the call of adventure. He wanted a gap year that would make his friends back home green with envy. So he packed his bags, crossed his fingers, and landed in Malaga. And boy, did he hit the jackpot! The place was bursting with life, and Martin couldn't get enough of it. Sometimes he even daydreams about those sunny days when he's stuck under gray Danish skies. Poor guy!

But what gets Martin's heart pumping the most is exploring new places. He's like a modern-day Indiana Jones, minus the hat and the whip. The thrill of wandering unknown streets, soaking up local cultures, and meeting new people sends him into a frenzy of excitement. And let's not forget the food! This guy can sniff out the best restaurants from miles away. Sure, there might be a language barrier now and then, but Martin doesn't sweat it. He knows that laughter and a cold beer can break down any wall. Cheers to that!

When Martin isn't busy being a superhero recruiter, he's living his best life. Back in the day, he used to be a football star, but now he's happily retired and cheering for his favorite teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Brøndby IF. The guy's got skills! And golf? Oh, he's got that covered too. He's been swinging his clubs for over 12 years and has a handicap that'll make your jaw drop: +0.6. No wonder he's a legend on the golf course!

But wait, there's more! Martin is also a music aficionado, especially when it comes to rap. Drake, A$AP ROCKY, Kanye West—they're the stars of his playlist. And get this: he even dabbles in making trap beats on his computer. Move over, Dr. Dre!

But what truly makes Martin special is his big heart. He genuinely cares about the people he works with and always goes the extra mile to find them the perfect job. He's like a human-sized teddy bear of support and encouragement. You can't help but love the guy!

And when it comes to advice for those venturing abroad, Martin spills the beans. He says to dive headfirst into the experience, embrace every crazy encounter, and cherish every single moment. He knows that not every day will be a walk in the park, but hey, challenges are just opportunities for growth. Living abroad is like a crash course in life, and Martin wants everyone to make the most of it.