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Justin De Weerd Portugal

International Recruiter

Get ready to meet Justin, our energetic and vibrant recruiter who brings a fresh perspective to the Job Squad team. With his positive attitude and passion for connecting people, Justin is here to help you find your dream job and make your international move a reality!

Originally hailing from the Netherlands, Justin now calls the vibrant capital of Portugal, Lisbon, his home. His journey with Job Squad has just begun, but he brings with him 1.5 years of experience as a recruiter and salesperson. Justin knows how to spot talent and match it with the perfect job opportunity, and he takes great joy in the satisfaction of helping someone land their dream job.

So, why did Justin choose to move abroad? Well, it all started with a conversation with a friend who expressed a strong desire to leave the Netherlands. Intrigued, Justin asked where they wanted to go, to which the friend simply replied, "Anywhere but here." That spontaneous and adventurous spirit struck a chord with Justin, and without hesitation, they sold everything they had and embraced a nomadic lifestyle.

Their journey took them on a hitchhiking adventure through the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. In France, they eventually went their separate ways, but Justin continued his journey. From hitchhiking back to Belgium, then to the Netherlands, Germany, and finally Spain, Justin's thirst for exploration led him to experience nine countries in the last three years. Along the way, he lived in France, Spain, Malta, Sweden, Greece, and now, Portugal.

Moving to a new place is an incredible learning experience for Justin. The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, discover diverse cultures, and immerse himself in the rich history of each place is something he finds truly amazing. The world becomes his classroom, and every day brings new lessons and perspectives.

When Justin is not busy helping others make their dreams of moving abroad come true, you'll often find him enjoying the great outdoors. He loves taking long walks, allowing his thoughts to wander as he immerses himself in nature. And when he wants to unwind, there's nothing better than getting lost in the pages of a captivating book.

Now, here's something special about Justin – he has a penchant for doing random, unexpected things. Whether it's embarking on impromptu adventures, trying new activities, or embracing unexpected opportunities, Justin is always up for a bit of excitement and spontaneity.

So, if you're planning to make a move abroad, Justin has some valuable advice for you. He believes in the power of the mind and encourages everyone to remember that they have control over their thoughts and emotions. By realizing this, you can tap into your inner strength and overcome any challenges that come your way. With the right mindset, the world becomes your oyster, and you can achieve incredible things.

Justin is thrilled to be a part of the Job Squad team and help individuals like you navigate the exciting journey of finding a job overseas. His passion for connecting people, combined with his adventurous spirit and positive energy, make him an invaluable asset. So, get ready to embark on a thrilling career adventure with Justin by your side!

Remember, with Justin, anything is possible, and the world is waiting to be explored. Let's make your dreams of working abroad a reality!