Job Squad is one of the very few recruitment agencies that has 100% on-your-side recruiters. We are not here to judge you, tell you that we will give you a call back and then not do it – you know, the usual things that you get during a recruitment process.

Think of your recruiter as your friend. He or she wants to get to know you as best as possible so that they can help you find the right job and working place based on what you like and not some random impressions. Remember that recruiters are working with companies from all over the world and these companies also have their preferences when it comes to the people they hire too. Your recruiter not only needs to to satisfy both sides, but make sure that both you and the employer are satisfied with your choices.

Be honest. Look, you are considering a job abroad. This is a huge step and we know! So tell us what made you consider this in the first place. Are you tired of your country? Your current job? Did something happen and you need a change? Is it the desire for a wild adventure? We have our stories too! And there are many among us who just wanted to “give it a try” and here we are! Working abroad!

Some of us have left their countries because we never seemed like we belong there in the first place, so we settled in place with more culture where we get to meet people from all over the world. Others have left their countries to seek adventure, they drifted away until they found something that truly fits them and some of us have left to do business in some other parts of the world, give a helping hand and see where we are needed.

Here are some examples of how we are NOT going to be: stiff – we’re not going to have the “I am the employer and you must impress me so I can hire you” attitude. We don’t expect you to have your life all figured out. Remember the “where do you want to be in 5 years” question? Yeah, the world is moving really fast and most people do not even know what they want to do tomorrow. As long as you have a bit of an idea and the willingness to go through with it, we’re all ears. Finally, we won’t lie to you. We want everyone who comes to work with us to have a pleasant experience. Yes, we do expect honestly, but we will be the first ones to offer it.

You see, when talking to us at Job Squad your story matters. You can drop the interview attitude where you’re constantly thinking that you need to make a good impression. Be real and let us do the rest.

As a last detail, we recommend you that you tell us if you have any illnesses or special conditions. These are never going to affect our decision to hire you, but it is also part of our job to make sure that you are you are safe and have the proper conditions in whichever job you might choose.