Living costs in Athens

maj 18, 2020

Most European countries have high tax percentages, but the cost of food, groceries, eating out is relatively affordable in Athens. Athens can be an expensive city to live in. If you are aiming to experience high-quality luxury, it comes with a price tag. If you can live more like a local, the city will be more affordable.


Apartment in Athens 

If you move to Athens and you would like to rent a place for yourself you need to know that a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of the city is around €700, while outside of the city it’s around €506. If you like to live with people and besides that save some money you could rent a room in a shared apartment. You can find one from €150 to €580 depends on the place. 

Food and Drinks

For daily shopping, as you should calculate with these prices one litre of milk is €0.65, a half kilogram of bread is €1.02, a 1.5 litre of water is €0.49. If you would like to have a bottle of wine in the evening while you are watching a movie it costs around €4. 


You can buy a monthly pass for buses, trams, trolleybuses, and metro that costs €40 each month. If you would like to travel by car the gasoline price is around €1.34 for a litre. The other way to travel is going by cab which is for the long term can be pretty expensive. A taxi start price is €3.34 and after that, for each kilometre, you will pay €0.93.  


If you like to go to the gym you need to know that a monthly pass for it costs €33.60. But if you are more movie fun a cinema ticket’s price is €8. To go out and eat at a restaurant’s meal price costs around €9.50. To have a cup of coffee in a cafe you should calculate with €1.49 for a cappuccino. Besides that, a beer price in a bar costs €2.5. 


General expenses for a couple for a month
One-Bedroom Apartment (outside of the city) €506
Utilities €120
Groceries €290
Transport (monthly pass €40) €80
Dining out entertainment €150
Health Care Free
Cleaner €65
All in all approximately €1,211