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Language-centered recruitment company

We create value, for both candidates and companies

The mission we strive to fulfill is to find the best candidates for long-term employment. It is our aim to ensure a seamless onboarding process for both candidates as companies.

Besides, we work mainly with language-specific jobs and we can offer jobs in over 7 different languages.

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"At the Jobsquad, we are committed to finding the best possible positions for our candidates, fast and with no fee. We screen both candidates and companies very carefully to ensure a great work environment and long-term employment"
Linda J Sonnichsen
Founder & International Recruiter

We help people in their transition to a life in a new country

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Our mission doesn't stop when the candidate signs the contract, our mission goes beyond that! Indeed, we are dedicated to make the process from start to finish a great experience.

To do so, we will ensure that both parties are happy with the results, even after the first months.

The Squad

Job Squad is a diverse, international team. This has the result that we are known with many different languages, places and cultures.

We here at Job Squad, all share values which we display in our work ethic and how we deal with both clients and candidates. Indeed, we are driven by a deep-rooted passion for recruitment.

Besides, we also have the genuine desire to help others while always being an honest and upfront with steadfast moral values for all of our clients and candidates. Our way to work also consists to having fun and injecting humour into everything that we do.

the squad

Learn more about us and the squad by discovering all our members, their positions and a few facts about them.

Our History

Job Squad was founded by a couple of young Danish entrepreneurs with a passion for recruitment and HR. One has years of experience in corporate recruitment, the other is startup obsessed with more than 4 of these young businesses to his name. Both of these young mavericks came together with their shared experiences to create Job Squad, a personal recruitment agency with a corporate twist.

Job Squad’s vision was to create career opportunities for Europeans across borders, that will strengthen and develop their personality and career diversity. By breaking down borders and bringing on a wide variety of clients and positions we try to make sure there’s a position for everyone.

How it started

In the beginning, Job Squad didn’t have an office or even a set place for everyone to work. In Denmark, we were a part of an incubator office with several other start-ups which provided a very good mentality and space for those working there. Meanwhile, in Malta, we internet-hopped from cafe’s to burger joints, apartments to restaurants and everything in between.

The office travelled with us and we simply chased whatever internet connection we could find. We did this for 2 months before finally finding what would be become our new office in Spinola, St Julians.

Our members

Every member of the Job Squad is incredibly passionate about recruitment and we always make sure to have fun with everything we do, from the random boyband power hours to group lunches and sing-alongs.

We here at Job Squad like to think of ourselves as professionals without the formality, after all, we are here to here to help and make sure both job hunt and placement is as pleasant and seamless as possible.

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