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Are you into Spain’s charming beach life and have strong English skills?

Are you perhaps local to Costa Del Sol and have already established a career in managing teams in call centers in the area?

Do you have experience in developing a call center from ground up?

Then this is an opportunity for you:

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Call Center Manager to join our fast growing international start up!


We offer you chance to take your career to the next step. For our client, it’s all about finding a new colleague with management skills, who loves to work in an inspiring start up company environment and has a true passion for offering first class customer support for our clients. We value great job ethics and warm team spirit where employees feel valued and are inspired to grow.

Ideal candidate is very fluent or near native level English speaker and has an international work experience, knowledge of various European markets, cultures. And enthusiastically able to contribute developing and building a strong foundation for our international work environment and positive atmosphere. We value good work ethic and inspiring our team members to develop their skills and aptitude to grow with the company.

We are looking for a skilled Call Center Manager who can lead our representatives to better performance and improve service quality. The Call Center Manager will assist in establishing call centre objectives, provide representatives with opportunities to expand their knowledge of services, products, and troubleshooting techniques, analyze call centre data, and focus on improving performance and processes in an effort to better support customers. You should have exceptional communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills, as well as comprehensive knowledge of company policies and offerings.

To be a successful Call Center Manager, you should be focused on improving your team of representatives and call center practices. You should be observant and detail-oriented and possess an understanding of the business, the products and services, and the issues representatives are facing on the floor.



  • Hiring, training, coaching, and leading call center representatives as they provide support for customers.
  • Answering representative’s questions, guiding them through difficult calls or issues, diffusing angry customers, or handling issues that cannot be fielded by representatives
  • Leading team meetings, asking questions to better understand the calls representatives are receiving, educating and coach workers regarding processes and practices, and explain expectations to employees.
  • Assisting other management team members in identifying trends and establishing call center goals.
  • Ensuring staff members are achieving desired service levels and taking corrective action, as needed.
  • Preparing reports and analyzing call center data to improve processes, ensure resources are properly allocated, and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Authorizing replacements or refunds.
  • Taking on other tasks or projects to support employees, other managers, and call center operations.



  • Strong English skills 
  • Knowledge of other European languages is a plus.
  • Previous experience in call center management or similar position.
  • Experience working with start up call centers during establishing and early stages of growing.
  • Ability to multitask and remain calm under pressure, especially during peak hours or intense situations.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, customer service, problem-solving, verbal and written communication, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Knowledge of management principles and familiarity with setting up work schedules for 24/7 call centers that provide service to various countries in various languages.
  • Strong coaching and leadership skills, ability to motivate employees.
  • Decisiveness and attention to detail.
  • Proficiency with necessary technology, including computers, software applications, phone systems, etc.
  • Polite, professional verbal and written communication skills


About the location :
Southern Spain is often called Costa Del Sol, as the whole coastline is filled with sandy beaches and relaxed lifestyle. The coast from Malaga city center to all the way to Fuengirola city is referred as Malaga. Torremolinos is located perfectly in between these two town centers and offer easy transportation via city train following the coast line. You will never run out of beach activities in Costa Del Sol. Torremolinos is a town center itself as well and offers great night life, shops, pubs and restaurants.  Apartments are easier to find in Torremolinos and priced less expensive as well. Southern Spain is for man great reasons one of the most sought after moving locations amongst the Southern Europe due to the easy-going and affordable life style. Torremolinos area offers easy commute to Malta City Center filled with museums – Picasso was born here – galleries, concerts and international festivities. Malaga region is a lovely balance of modern life style and historical buildings. Weather is also lovely throughout the year to enjoy traditional Spanish tapas at any time!


Information about the company:

The company provides customer service for Electric Vehicle charging stations throughout Europe. The multilingual team of this start up company has currently 25 employees and is growing rapidly. This is an excellent time to join the company and be able to help the company grow and develop new hires for skillful team leaders and other positions, as all hires will automatically receive a revaluation of salary and position after 6 months of employment.  Young, yet very secure company who is looking for the right manager with international mindset and right kind of start up company mindset.


Have you been looking for a new opportunity managing call center and inspired to work with an international setting in Malaga? This is the perfect opportunity for you!


Hours: 40 per week –  

Service hours: Monday to Sunday  work hours in between 8-20:00, with company growing some languages will eventually offer 24/7 service

Contact a recruiter: Liisa

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