Meet a recruiter: Marine Sota

június 30, 2020

In the following series of blog posts, we would like to introduce you to our squad. They are the once who shape the company, they work hard every day to help you get a job abroad. We have asked them to introduce themselves and we hope you will like their personal stories.

Hi Everyone <3

I am a Marine, I was born in France in Paris and at the age of 9 I moved to Bordeaux in the city of good wine. – If you haven’t tried it, well Shame on you! 

I then grew up in Bordeaux, where I did all my studies. I have always lived with my parents, I am very close to my family and I did not see the point of having an apartment because I felt good at home.

Then one day, I thought it was time for me to move out and test myself, see the world and become independent. I was looking for something I loved to do and especially to improve my level of English because I knew this was something that would come in handy later on in life, both professionally and personally. Languages are always good to know! 

I was looking for opportunities online and was lucky enough to experience a lot of travelling. Amongst the places I went to was; Ireland, Hungary, the USA, Spain, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Travelling within Europe was great, and felt a little like home. No matter where you go within Europe on a holiday you can find familiar things even though all countries have new and exciting cultures, you will need to stay and work in the country to truly get exposed the life there. It was my travels to Asia that really opened my eyes to new cultures and made me grow. It was magical! 

Once back in France I was not done travelling and I wanted to experience countrys true culture and feeling by living there for a while. I applied for the Erasmus + Programme, which gave me the opportunity to go to Malta for 3 months. Without lying, I hadn’t really heard about Malta but after some information, (and a lot of time spend googling) I saw that the weather was beautiful, that it was an island, south of Itlay, surrounded by seaside and many historical sites, I thought to myself…….. Go, go, go, go, go!

In Malta, I quickly realized that I was not alone in this experience and I met many people from all over the world, it was very rewarding to talk about different cultures and to learn from each other. English is one of the main languages in Malta, so I continued improving while just living life. 

I even met my boyfriend and some of my closest friends today in Malta. I visited beautiful places, I saw fabulous sunsets and what I found most important!  – it’s cold only 2 months a year!!! (Very practical because the T-shirts take less place in the suitcase)

Today I have been in Malta for 2 years, I can say that it is the best experience of my life and that I am more interested in discovering the world, and meet people from all around. I started with an Erasmus + Programme, then got a job in iGaming and through my flatmate, I got the chance to help other people experience working abroad via recruitment. I love my job, I speak to so many people who do not know how or if they should go abroad, I get to tell my story and help them feel secure and safe in the application process, and advise them at the beginning of their adventure. -What better way to spend a working day!! 

If you are ever afraid to leave or if you hesitate, I can tell you that you shouldn’t be, it’s a very rewarding experience, that makes you mature and learns, it’s just great! You have to get out of everyday life; stop the routine and open up to the world! What helped me the most was the people I met, you are not alone, so many people around is also learning a new language, nervous for meeting you, and just want to chat and have a good time! 

If you are interested in contacting me, send me an email: I would be happy to tell you about your options, or just have a nice conversation!