Meet a recruiter: Liisa Mannerkoski

május 19, 2020

In the following series of blog posts, we would like to introduce you to our squad. They are the once who shape the company, they work hard every day to help you get a job abroad. We have asked them to introduce themselves and we hope you will like their personal stories.

Hi all! 

I am Liisa and was born and grew up in Finland. I got my education all the way through high school in Helsinki and I always knew I wanted to experience living abroad. It was just something I always knew I wanted to do: make friends everywhere on this planet and learn languages, cultures and just explore our beautiful earth! 

My first experience travelling alone was as an Au Pair in Germany, ask me to sing a German lullaby and I will! After high school I moved for the first time abroad: I got accepted to a University in Budapest and I was so eager to go that my sister was dropping me off at the airport and we found out I was trying to get on the plane one day too early! We had a great laugh and the airline found a seat for me on the next plane. That was a very pivotal moment of my life and I was truly excited to arrive in a new country and figure out my way. Of course, I was nervous too, but every step I took toward my adventure the joy and excitement replaced the fears. I was 19 years old then…

After studying economics in Hungary, I went to study in Los Angeles. And since then I have also lived in Malta, the UK and now in Spain.

When I moved to Malta, having been recruited to a customer service position: I had never been to Malta, barely knew much about it. Only in reference to Malta, I remember the name popping up in Eurovision song contests. Oh yes, it’s one of those little countries, huh? 


I absolutely did ALL the research I could after accepting the job. Facebook was an amazing tool for connecting with Maltese people and ex-pats. I made friends even before arriving on the island. I booked Airbnb for a couple of days first and found very quickly a place to live in a charming classic old Maltese building – this was so exciting to me, as I had always only lived in modern buildings, it was one of the things I really was looking forward to experiencing. Malta was very welcoming and I made friends right away at work – it was really easy to make friends with Maltese people as well, as they all speak English and I have friends for lifetime! 

Yes, the little island, also called “The Yellow Rock” has now become one of my favourite places on this planet. When I think of Malta I smile: the sun, the food, the people, the atmosphere, walking to work! Oh boy, isn’t it lovely to just bike or walk to work? Everything is right around the corner from you, no need to go anywhere far to get food, coffee, go swimming. More time to just enjoy life. And the ocean. My favourite coffee shops and places, the old-style buildings. I am a sun person, so is my dog. Though we both love to make snow angels in the snow from time to time too!

And as a restless, globetrotter (you all know who you are! Well, you’re not alone and it’s not a “lonely planet” but quite the opposite!) After a while, I was ready to explore another climate and I moved to the UK. London is just a class of its own! I lived there a year and I explored as much as I could and still only got to see a fraction of it. I didn’t expect to become a pub enthusiast, but I did. No better place to make friends and the local Pub. Also most of them are indeed dog friendly! Get a good pair of low cut rain boots that look classy enough for a job or a business meeting and you are set! Best 8 pounds I ever invested at a local Primark! The UK is quite a dog friendly, but whatever you do, don’t let your poochie run after the Queen’s birds in the parks. And all birds are Queen’s birds. Always stay in good terms with the Queen 😉

And long story short (I have stories to tell hours to an end, preferably with some quality white wine and a delicious vegetarian meal!), I recently relocated to Malaga, Spain. Hola! This makes it a country number 6 where I have lived and a country number thirty-something where I have travelled.   Five years ago I adopted a rescue dog in Los Angeles. (Who rescued who?) And my fluffy little best friend and I have continued the travels. I collect stickers of flags in her doggie passport. The first thing I look for in a new destination is “dog-friendly restaurants”. 


The travel bug? YEP, I got it! The world is just so much bigger and more amazing than we realise until we start exploring it. And what a better way to explore another country than have a job waiting for you there!

Having more than one country to call home is really the best thing in my life and the globetrotting friends I have made everywhere constantly keep inspiring me to see more and learn more. At the end of the day: we are all so similar while we are different, and that truly is the beauty in life! 


P.S. Mother Earth thanks you for not leaving your things on the beach and recycling your water bottle <3