Living cost in Paris

március 25, 2020

What is the cost of living in Paris?

Like anywhere else, the cost of living is higher in the capital than in other parts of the country. In general, the living cost in Paris is expensive. The rent, in particular, is really not cheap. However, do not be afraid.

To live correctly without any help, you will need approximately 1 100€ in Paris, but it can be much more depending on where you live (in the centre or in the suburbs) and on your lifestyle.

An approximation for normal expenses in Paris.

Overview of living costs examples.
1 Bedroom City Centre 800-1000€
Room in the centre 550€
1 Bedroom outside the City centre 600-800€
1 ticket for metro/bus 2€
Monthly transport card zone 1-5 70€
Cinema ticket 10€
1 pint of local beer 6€
Phone plan, 30 GB, all EU and free texts 15€


In terms of transport, the Ile-de-France is divided into five zones (Paris being zone 1) which will vary the rates according to whether you stay in the same zone or if you go from one to the other but be careful, the fare will change if you travel from zone 1 to zone 3 or even from zone 2 to zone 4. In addition, the purchased ticket will be valid for the bus, the RER, the metro, Tram and SNCF (except the “Ticket+” which does not take SNCF and which is at 1.90€). The groceries in Paris in its suburbs are not really expensive especially if you choose a good supermarket like Franprix, Carrefour, etc.  One again depending on the quality of the food and the brand. French sub-brands are really nice for the price. But don’t be a fool and don’t go to the little market for tourists, the same for the restaurants. You can lose a lot of money in this place, especially if the restaurant we talk about is near a famous street or a famous monument.

The so-called “occasional” ticket will, therefore, be at a variable rate depending on your origin and destination.

To travel one day, unlimited in all five zones, the ticket is at 7.50€.To live in Paris, you might as well take a subscription if you want to move easily. The weekly subscription is valid for all zones at 22.80€, and the annual subscription is 75.20€ per month. However, if you are a student, the annual subscription is 350.00€, which amounts to about 28€ per month. If you are a tourist and want to visit Paris, the ticket “Paris Visite” is offered and will allow you to travel unlimited on 3 or 5 zones for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days from 13.20€.

See Paris is for sure not a cheap destination to live in but it is not that bad, I can assure you! You can live, study, or work in this city for a reasonable price.  By the way, if you are looking for a job click HERE, we can help you!

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