Living costs in Cork

május 19, 2020

Cork, Ireland, is among the leading cities with speedy internet access. According to our city rankings, this is a good place to live with high ratings in business freedom, safety, and healthcare.


If you want to save some money on your accommodation then you should consider renting a room in a shared apartment it can cost from €300 to €950. Anyway, if you like having your own place a one-bedroom apartment’s price is around €1,000 in the city, outside of the city it’s €800. Of course, you can always find cheaper, and more expensive ones. Cork is not a big city, so be proactive in your search and best if you can ask some locals for help, they know who to talk to.

Food and Drink

The normal grocery items’ prices are not expensive you can buy a litre of milk for €0.92 or a half kilogram of bread for €1.89. If you decided to eat out that’s cheaper as well than in other countries’ capital. A meal in a restaurant can cost €15. If you wanna have some drinks with your dinner these are the prices you need to expect a beer is around €5, a bottle of wine is around €10. 


If you would like to use public transport you should count on a monthly pass which costs €84. If you own a car then you should count with €1.44 gasoline price for every litre. The other option to travel around the city to use a taxi, the taxi’s price starts at €4 and after that, every kilometre is €2. 


If you like working out then you should know that a monthly pass to the gym costs €42.85. Do you like movies? If yes then head to the cinema for a ticket which cost €11.  Cork is surrounded by the most amazing nature, so kite surfing, kayaking and hiking is the best thing to spend your time on. There are plenty of cool organisations who arranged trips for you, and a lot of free outdoor events. 


General expenses overview
One-Bedroom Apartment (outside of the city centre) €700
Room in the city centre €300
Pint of beer at a restaurant €5
Busticket 1 way 2.10 or 1.6€ with leap card
Cinema ticket €11
Health Care Free
cigerettes €13
Monthly transport pass €89.00

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