Living costs in Copenhagen

május 19, 2020

Denmark is an expensive expat destination and the cost of living is high, even by European standards. Eating out, utilities and petrol are especially pricey. Luckily, salaries are relatively high to somewhat balance out the high cost of goods and services in Denmark.


A one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Copenhagen can be pricey the rent price for a month cost approximately €1,315, but if you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city that can be cheaper around  €1,1012. If you would like to save as much money as much it’s possible on the rent then you can rent a room in any shared apartment. The rent for a room is usually between €420 to €1,139. 


Food and Drinks 

A daily grocery shopping price around these a litre of milk costs  €1.27, a half kilogram of bread is  €2.86. A bottle of wine costs around  €8,04. While a bottle of water is  €1.20 (you can drink the tap water) and a package of Marlboro is  €6.03 which is a bit more expensive than in many European countries.



If you would like to travel to Denmark the cheapest way to use public transport is to make a travel card it’s called Rejsekort. It’s working the way you transfer money on it and you beep your card when you travel. You can use it for bus, train, and metro. You can buy the card on most stations, in machines. 

If you would like to use your car the gasoline’s price is  €1.53. The other way is to take a cab if you would like to travel from A to B point in the city. The starting price for a taxi is  €6.70 and after that, you pay  €2.15 after every kilometre. Über is not legal in Denmark, but you are able to sign up on an app called if you want to go longer distances, here private people sell a seat in their car for a trip that they are already making, so you need to be lucky to find the trip you need. is also an option if you need a car for a day.

The most popular way to travel to Copenhagen is going by bicycle. It is free and it’s the easiest way as well to travel to work or school. The city of Copenhagen has put up bike for use, and you find many rental places all around the city. Only other place in the world with as many bikes is Amsterdam.

Going out and fun 

To work out in Denmark it costs usually around  €37.84, the good thing that gyms in Denmark are usually open 24/7.  If you would like to have a date night and just go to the cinema to watch a movie a ticket will cost around  €16. Moreover, to have a bottle of wine for your dinner from a shop it would cost  €8.04 in a restaurant it’s around  €15. A beer is  €1.60 in a shop but if you would like to go to a bar and have some drinks between  €4 and  €7. 

General expenses
One-Bedroom Apartment (outside of the city centre) €1,000
one room in flat in city centre €300
Groceries €490
Transport (bike) Free
Cinema ticket €10
Health Care Free
1 zone ticket (all centre Copenhagen) €4
A pint of Carlsberg 5-6€


Even though Denmark is an expensive country, the salaries match. Copenhagen is the capital and as most other big cities prices are a tiny bit higher than in the rest of the country. You pay high taxes, but you get a lot of social benefits from that.

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