Cost of Living in Malta

november 19, 2019

Cost of Living in Malta for a couple…

When it comes to living in different countries in Europe, Malta is one of the more affordable places you can choose to live and work . You’ll spend a little bit more on things like bottled water (Malta’s water is safe to drink, but the taste is not that good, so everyone buys bottled or filters their water), but otherwise, the cost of living in Malta is lower than most other European countries.

Cost of living is different depending on where you choose to live in the country and your lifestyle, but in general, expenses here run low. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment—even those just a short walk to the seaside—averages around $750 to $800 per month. Groceries are inexpensive, with basic items such as bread costing around 50 cents to 1 Euro. Dinner out for two at a nice mid-range restaurant, including a glass of wine, can cost about 45 Euros.

Full-day bus tickets cost less than 1,5 Euros in winter and 2 Euros in summer, covering 2 hours transport all over the Island  (With a Tallinja top-up card you can buy each bus ride for 75 cents). For senior residents, things are even more affordable, with 50-cent all-day bus passes and free ferry rides.

Groceries—even from organic or health food stores—cost less than $500 per month according to one self-described health-conscious couple living in Sliema (the more expensive bigger city on the Islands). Malta has branded as Lidl, and if you plan your food shopping well, and don’t eat out much then shopping for 300 Euros a month for a couple including water and household supplies.

And for those who’d like to buy property, purchase prices tend to run reasonable, too. A beautiful three-bedroom, two-bathroom seafront apartment with a large combined living area overlooking Xlendi bay is listed for $358,000. And, of course, smaller properties cost less.

Though prices in the cities are higher both on rent, buying property and groceries, and Malta is experiencing a rise in costs these last years. Malta is still one of the cheapest countries to live in.

Taxes are 15% in Malta, depending on where you are from and what company you work for you might have more tax benefits.

National healthcare insurance is less than 100 Euros a month and covers a long line of medicine.

*If you are diabetic your insulin is for free, and the government is providing you with all needed to live a healthy life (if you take care of your appointments with your doctor, and showcase that you are serious about your health).


For a greater overview have a look at this table:

General expenses for a couple for a month Euro
Rent (one-bedroom apartment outside Sliema) 750 €
Utilities (including phone, electric, water, internet, and cable TV) 100 €
Transportation (Taxis, buses etc.) 40   €
Groceries 400 €
Dining out and entertainment 200 €
Healthcare 250 €
Cleaner (4 times a month of 3 hours) 90   €
Monthly Total € 1830


As shown in the table above two people can live very comfortably for less than 2000 € even with a cleaner and pocket money for eating out and entertainment.


We hope this helped a little and that you now have an overview of the cost of living on the beautiful Islands of Malta.

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