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október 1, 2019




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Beautiful coastline, charming buildings and always something happening. Malta is often called a paradise island in the Mediterranian Sea and that is for a reason. The Archipel of Malta is one of the tiniest countries in the world and it is the smallest one in the European Union. Very characteristic of the Maltese culture is their welcoming and welcoming experience, and you are definitely going to notice that. 

Of course, Malta has way more to offer. Because of that, here are some more reasons why Malta is really worth relocating to!


This is maybe the most important reason why there are so many expats living in Malta. The official language of the country is Maltese, which is a combination of Arabic and Italian. But Malta was a British colony till 1964, and therefore the second national language of the country is English and this is deeply rooted in the culture. With knowledge of the English language you will be totally fine, since almost everyone here is fluent. 

The weather

Malta - MarsaxlokkThis is definitely in the same position as language, because the weather in Malta is amazing! Summers are warm but even in winter it will not be below 10°C. Here you can really find the Mediterranean climate. Did you know that Malta has over 300 days of sunshine? That tops the ranking in Europe! Also, there is almost no rain during the summer. The winter is short and mild, but can be quite rainy. Nevertheless, even in December is the sun shining 5 hours a day on average. It is sure you will not miss the weather at home. 


There is always something you can do in Malta. Valletta, the capital of Malta, was in 2018 even elected to the cultural capital of the world. It may is one of Europe’s smallest capitals, but must see Valletta. It’s not for nothing that the city has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list and its compact size makes it one of the few cities where you can find so much beauty, cultural wealth and compactness concentrated in such a small area. A nice bonus is that you can explore this place perfectly by foot. Valletta is built on a land tongue of the island and therefore is the major part of the city surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. When the evening falls you will see all the boats sail back to the port, which creates a beautiful image in the sunset. In the city itself, you will see all these typical coloured wooden balconies high in the small streets. You also don’t need to visit England anymore if you want to see the red telephone booths, you can also find these here. From a distance you can also see the chapels which feature the skyline of the city. 

Obviously there is a lot more you can see except for the capital. Visit the market in fishing village Marsaxlokk. Every Sunday morning you will find a market here. Originally this used to be a fish market, but nowadays you can find everything like fruit, household items, purses, clothing, souvenirs and many more. Still, it’s recommended to be early, because the fish sold here was caught in the morning and therefore very fresh! In case you will be later this is already gone, because it is immensely popular. 

Gozo is the largest island of the Archipel after Malts and is also known as its smaller more green sister. A ferry sails regularly from Cirkewwa which takes you to the island in 30 minutes. The most important hotspot used to be the Azure window, but it, unfortunately, collapsed in the beginning of 2017. Despite there still is enough to see here, too much for a day trip. For a day at the beach go to Djamla bay, for a portion of culture go to the capital Victoria and for breathtaking rocks and cliffs go to Dwerja bay or Xlendi bay.

And yet you don’t have to go to Gozo to see some nature, because Malta itself has plenty of beautiful spots. At the south of the island you find the Dingli cliffs, a twelve kilometres long natural wall of rock. In the ancients days this wall was a natural protection against enemies, because it wasn’t possible to access the land directly from the sea. From the cliffs, you can also view the uninhabited island Filfla. 

Do you want to see the bluest water you ever? Go to Comino, another island of the Archipel. The well known blue lagoon is located here and yes, the water is here really bluer than blue. You can see the soil meters far below you due to the extremely clear water. Relaxing on the beach is a bit hard here, but look for a nice spot on the rocks to enjoy the sun. Also take the time to walk a bit over the island towards the fort, because the view will not be disappointing.


Malta is located below Sicily and in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Due to this, the island is easily accessible from the coast of South-Italy, but of course, there also is a modern airport with flights all over Europe and North-Africa. Most people think this island is part of Spain, but it is indeed an independent republic. Malta is a member of the European Union since 2004 and is since 2008 using the euro as well. The ideal place for Europeans to stay for a while, because you don’t need to bother about a visa!

Location Mlata


The power of the Maltese economy is another good reason why you should move to Malta. There are plenty of available jobs and it is not very hard to get capital to start a company. Between 2014 and 2016, Malta had the fastest growing economy within the eurozone, with a growth of over 4.5% each year. The GDP grew in 2017 and 2018 with 6.7% and keeps growing so far. 

Expect for this, Malta also has free public healthcare and life is affordable. 

Career opportunities

Mostly in the iGaming industry is looking for a lot of labour force who next to English speak another language. Often these are entry-level positions since the gambling industry just got licenced a few years ago. In the case you really want to grow in the professional field this is the sector you should be. The industry is booming and they’re looking for people in all kind of areas. Since the Bitcoin era is it Malta again who is the trendsetter on an international level. The island got known as ‘the blockchain island’ and is now attracting all kind of blockchain companies with favourable and flexible legislation and fiscality. Obviously a lot of new professionals attract new real estate investors who are focussing on the future. In short, Malta will only keep growing economically!

Still not completely convinced? Trine from Denmark has some advice for you when moving to Malta:

“Before flying to Malta, do some research on potential places you’d like to move to. Get in contact with people who rent rooms or apartments already before you leave your country, maybe set up a meeting with them so you can see the place when you arrive. If you need to take the bus a lot, get a Tallinja card pretty much the same day or the day after you arrive. It will come in handy. Bring warm clothes during wintertime. Humidity and cold weathers do not go hand in hand. It can be pretty cold.

Biggest learning experience: Be thankful and smile to the people around you. It’ll also really come in handy. Be open-minded and curious.”

It is not without a reason that the largest office of Job Squad is located in Malta. We are already convinced that this place is a dream! Get in touch and you can be at this paradise in no-time!