Why Greece

október 1, 2019




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Greece is known for its culture, history, hospitality and amazing landscapes. It’s considered to be cultural health because it was the centre of new practices and ideas that spread worldwide. Greeks influenced pretty much everyone, especially Romans, which is pretty interesting if you’re into history, architecture and art.  But in addition to their rich culture and the ancient history they have some quite awesome places to see (read beautiful beaches), food to eat (read gyros), amazing people to meet (read every one), and some crazy experiences to live. 


If you ever considered working abroad we highly recommend Athens, Greece! Working abroad will definitely open some doors for your future career, secondly, it’s highly recommended by a lot of employers and third, you will get an experience for life!


Here are our top six reasons why moving to Greece should be on your bucket list!


Historical heritage and climate

Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and is the southernmost country in Europe. It’s located in south-eastern Europe, on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula; it lies at the meeting point of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. Greece has been known as the birthplace of western civilization and is known for its culture that dates back to the early stone age and contains several remnants of the old world. It is also the birthplace for the Olympic Games and has a culture and history like no other country in the world. The Greek culture and history await you at every corner. Did you know that the capital of Greece and also the largest city, Athens is also one of the oldest cities in the world? It offers attractions like historical sites and monuments with a vibrant culture and a welcoming climate. 


Greece has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summer days and cool and mild winters. We won’t even mention the coastline and crystal clean sea of the islands nearby. Your usual summer holidays of 2 weeks can easily turn into 6 months when you’re living here. Imagine that! Consider this a great reason to go live and work in Athens, Greece!


Low life-cost

Greece is a member of the European Union and shares the Euro. The cost of living in Greece is generally much lower than many other European countries so that’s why the average local salary in Greece is also lower. Cities such as Athens are generally more expensive than the rest of the country. Social security rates, however, are also lower than those in the average EU country so expatriates who live here on a local salary will still be able to live quite comfortably. Food products are extremely cheap in Greece which, again, makes this a better place than many other European countries in terms of cost of living. It is strongly anticipated that the cost of living in Greece will fall even more in the forthcoming months as a result of deflation caused by the economic crisis. But in spite of all that Greece is generally a very safe place and there is very little serious crime. 


Average prices:

Rent: 200-400 Euro

Water: 0,50 Euro

Bread: 0,78 Euro

Milk: 1 Euro 


Friendly environment 

Greeks are known for being exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Try as much as you can to embrace the Greek culture and all its flaws. Family life is a very important part of life in Greece, so don’t be offended if you’re asked seemingly personal questions about your marital status, fertility and family setup. It’s pretty usual that the children often live with their parents even after they get married. Greeks live long lives and it is believed that their varied diet of olives, olive oil, fish, squid, chickpeas, and lots of fruits and vegetables keep them healthy. That’s one more pretty good reason to relocate – healthy and tasty but not too overpriced food, right?


Experience for life

What you often hear about working abroad is that you will get an experience for life. What does it really mean to get an experience for life? An experience for life are all the gathered experiences you learn from, benefit from, and can take with you in life. When you travel to a new country, meet a different culture and a bunch of unfamiliar people and start a new job – you are well on your way to having an experience of a lifetime. You will face challenges you never faced before and you will find solutions that you have never found before. If you’re still not independent, this is a great opportunity to finally become. When you’re living abroad and your dearest people are countries and countries away, you’re completely relying just on yourself. That’s the point where you learn the most.


International work experience

Working overseas will not only be a great experience, but it can also kickstart your international career and open new doors to new opportunities worldwide. With the international work experience, you will be more attractive to the market, especially in your home country. Different culture environment will help you gain new cross-cultural skills and teach you to adapt to the new work challenges and different environment. Your language skills will be improved, which is very useful for you both professionally and privately. 


It’s just worth it

Lovely climate, beautiful crystal clear sea, friendly people – what’s more to wish for? You simply can’t lose anything, you can just learn a lot and earn experience for life. Here’s what Andreas says after his relocation from cold Denmark to warm and sunny Athens, Greece:


“As of now, I’m still glad I left my home and went on this adventure, but it’s obviously always hard to pull up your roots. So my advice is: be aware of the decision you make! You learn a lot about yourself though! -For me, it’s been all worth it!” Andreas 


If you having a cold foot for travelling alone or being far away from near and family, remember one thing – you can always go back home! Our advice is simple: “Don’t let the fear stop you.” After all, you are just a flight away from home, and a flight away from the experience of a lifetime!