Gap Year Job Abroad with us

Are you soon graduating, and are you not sure what to study? Do you need a break from the books? Maybe you want to improve some language skills before continuing your studies?
No matter your reason, we are here to help you find a cool job in a European destination.

Maybe you dream about being surrounded by beautiful mountains, and skii every fall/winter season? Or maybe you are more interested in diving, watersports and tanning on the beach? We have destinations all over Europe, and we can help you find what you need. In most jobs you do not need experience in the field, you will get training, all you need is the courage to go, speak and understand a little English next to your native language and an outgoing personality ready to meet the world!
So if you are tired of everyday life and questions about your future, try to shake it up a little and open a long line of new opportunities for yourself! Apply today!

Practical information:

Experience a new culture, boost your CV, and enhance your English. Start your new adventure with Job Squad in a cool European destination!
But what is it all about? – At Job Squad we work with large companies all around Europe, these companies provide a service based on languages to big world wide brands, like Netflix, Disney, Apple, Audi and many more. The job is in a different country because it is cheaper for a company to have all languages based together in one office, than having small offices in each country all over Europe. So you will be working with People from everywhere, but in your own native language, supporting customers from your country..
Our job is to make sure we find a location and job that you find interesting, and the help is free. We support you in everything from the making of the CV, prepping you for the interview, and we also introduce you to other people that are also going to the same place.
We will help you with paperwork, and make sure you feel comfortable and safe on your journey. We only work with trusted companies and ensure that what we promise is also delivered.

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These are some cool destinations you can choose from