Sara originally has Persian origins, but her heart found its home in Norway from the age of 5. But she has always had a desire to explore and her first leap took her to Portugal, seeking change and a fresh start. There, she took on the role of a team leader, honing her skills and creating lasting memories. Then came Canada, prompted by love, a journey that wasn't forever, leading her to Malta, where she has joyously lived for 3 wonderful years.

With a career journey as colorful as her travel map, she has previously worked in assisting long-term unemployed clients in finding jobs and internships, and her heart is full of pride when thinking of their progress. Witnessing someone transform from the moment they walked through the door to landing a job fills her with immense gratitude and joy.

Sara is a social butterfly who loves to spend time with her friends. Whether it's dancing, taking leisurely strolls, swimming in the clear blue waters, or even picking up a paintbrush every now and then, Sara knows how to make the most of life's little joys.

Sara believes that everyone's perspective and truth shape their reality. This philosophy reflects her open-minded and empathetic nature, making her a compassionate recruiter who truly understands the unique stories of the candidates she encounters. And this belief is also reflected in her love for Malta's multicultural environment. Sara thrives on meeting individuals from across the globe, soaking in the diverse cultures that make up her vibrant community.

Sara's words of wisdom about moving abroad is something born from experience – not everything will align with logic and familiarity, especially coming from more northern regions of the world. Being aware of this cultural shift can save a lot of head-scratching moments and potential frustration (said with a big smile and laughter).